Weekly Bingo Horoscope


Be persistent. There is a lot of sense in that old adage: if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Giving up too soon is not going to make you feel very lucky. Best day for luck: Tuesday Lucky Number: 6


Good things are happening to you all the time so don’t think you aren’t being lucky. Instead of preying on the negatives focus on the positives in your life this week. Good fortune forecast on: Saturday Lucky Number: 12


An old friend or your partner could voice their disappointment over the personal plans you are making but remember: you aren’t responsible for their happiness. Lucky day: Thursday Lucky Number: 21


If you’re torn between two diverse choices, why not write down all the good points of each potential decision, then the bad? Weigh them up and it will be easier to make your mind up. Good day for luck: Wednesday Lucky Number: 18


Finding a parking space just in time to attend an important meeting or appointment is actually a stroke of good fortune to be thankful for. A promotional offer works to your advantage. Expect luck on: Sunday Lucky Number: 28


An older person’s advice is useful if you're in the process of setting a new project in motion. You may have to put your social life on the back burner for a while but this won’t be a problem. Best day for luck: Friday Lucky Number: 2


Make sure you stick to your promises because if you don’t, others will go elsewhere for what they want. No more excuses get your foot through the door before it slams in your face! Lucky day: Monday Lucky Number: 9


Perseverance has always been your strong point and no matter how many mountains you have to climb or hurdles you might face, your determination to keep going will stand you in good stead Good fortune forecast on: Tuesday Lucky Number: 11


There is lot to be gained from adopting a share and share alike approach to both cash and material possessions. Your social life is about to soar to new heights. Expect luck on: Thursday Lucky Number: 3


Limit your ambitions to a fairly modest level and don’t make too much of a fuss about presenting them to those who will have a say on whether or not your plans might go ahead. Fortunate on: Saturday Lucky Number: 15


It isn’t yet time to reveal your thoughts to everyone. You have some ambitious plans in mind and when the right time for promoting your future prospects arrives, you will know it. Lucky day: Friday Lucky Number: 19


Think about the choices you may or may not have made to improve your lifestyle or chances of success. Be assertive, take action and work on ways to make your own luck happen! Good day for luck: Monday Lucky Number: 25